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CPA Cross platform optimizer

saves hundreds of hours

Our smart budget optimiser intelligently analyses the most profitable campaigns in real time across all advertising platforms and allocates the budget to each based on their profitability.

There is no need to be analysing the results and metrics on each platform, our smart robots analyse each campaign on each platform and allocate budgets to the ones that generate the best conversion.

Balance your budget between google, facebook, twitter, linkedin, amazon, and many others.

Optimise your investment

Our Benefits

In our work we try to use only the most modern, convenient and interesting solutions. We want the template you downloaded look unique and new for such a long time as it is possible.

Pay if you win

Your project looks great on any device. Content can be easily read and a user understands freely what you wanted to say him or her.

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control your limits

No fluff. Nothing should lead the visitor away from the main essence of website. There must be just important information.

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works on almost all platforms

You can conect all the ADS platform you have

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How it works

  • 1


    Our team will contact you and we will define the most relevant rules and metrics for your environment.

    CPA, cost, visits, positioning, branding, temporal strategy ...

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    We connect the apis to the platforms, help you apply for them if you don't have them and connect to your CRM or measurement tools and you need deep conversion measurement.

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    24x7 monitoring

    aprendizaje en el tiempo , vigilancia constante, cambios automáticos mientras tu equipo se concentra en lo importante

    No tienes que estar pendiente de la rentabilidad de las plataformas, nuestro motor inteligente lo hace por ti, durante todo el día

    Controla el presupuesto general de tu campaña, ni siquiera es necesario repartirlo.

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    Get a Profit

    Your campaigns will start to become more profitable and efficient.

    Your investment allocation will be optimised across accounts, campaigns and platforms.

    You will earn more with the same investment


Hourly spend control

Controlling the budget at the hourly level can be decisive.

Our engine analyses hourly consumption across all platforms.

You can define maximum consumption per hour, per day, per week or per month.

Our platform can also allocate the budget left over from campaigns that have not consumed the budget to other campaigns that have better performance.

In order for budgets to be optimised to the maximum it is important to check them continuously. Making sure you don't lose money or conversions.

Every hour of the day is different so some campaigns work better at different times of the day. That's why you have to balance them according to their performance at each time.

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