We want everything to be perfect

To carry out a good development we need a plan. We have a plan for each type of project.
Depending on the needs of both the business and the necessary technology.

  • Taking requirements and feasibility

    In the first meeting we already began to analyze what requirements the project has, and most importantly, the viability, both economic and functional. We take care of making the project possible so that it fits perfectly for you. We take care of analyzing the project to make it scalable and adjusted to your needs.

  • Communication

    Listening to you is the most important thing for us. We want to know in detail your ideas along with your needs, as a company to define all the implications that this development has, functional requirements. We will come to your usual place of work for an initial assessment.

  • Planning and milestones

    Together we will review the different points of the project, step by step. Offering the best quality of the product and its implementation time. We will take into account your needs and all the necessary requirements.

  • Implementation

    The team is on the move! We started the development of the project. We will keep you regularly informed of each milestone reached, involving you in its progress.

  • Checking and testing

    Once the development is finished, the testing phase begins, where we will see that the project meets the expectations of maximum quality and functional requirements covered. The most important thing is your satisfaction.

  • Delivery and infrastructure requirements

    The delivery will be made officially of the software made. We will go step by step to convey the functionality and how to use it efficiently.

  • Installation and start-up

    We will carry out the installation and assembly of the infrastructure you need to make the developed software work. We will analyze the scalability and the different ways you need for its successful implementation.

  • Updates and maintenance

    We will be with you during the growth of your application, advising you in the production phase and helping you grow the technology in your business. We know that this part is vital for the proper functioning of the technologies. If you want, we will accompany you once it is launched.