• Project Management

    We have the experience of more than 20 years in project leadership. He is the person who makes our programmers have no problems and can have the necessary information to move forward each day.

  • Team leader

    The person who best moves in the field of programming is with us, he helps and cooperates with the rest of the programmers making everyone have access to the knowledge of his long career as a programmer.

  • Developers

    In our team there are senior and junior programmers with whom we have to carry out any type of project.

  • Graphic designer and UX

    For the design tasks and interface specifications we have a designer with more than 20 years of experience and a layout designer / designer who helps us understand and carry out the follies of our designer.

  • Quality Leader and Quality Engineer

    With it, we get our developments to go through the minimum tests so that the final result is to the satisfaction of our clients.

Work with us

Take advantage of the work opportunity of your life - join the FeelingDevs team.

We are looking for active technology experts, willing to work on projects of any type and complexity. If you are excited about technological innovations and are ready to make impactful decisions, feel free to send us your CV. We are interested in hiring long-term professionals and we also provide a remote work opportunity.